Friday, June 12, 2009

Hummingbird Nest

I normally only put scrapbooking stuff on my blog but today I couldn't resist. I went out to my pomegranate tree and hummingbirds had made a nest. One of the hummingbirds would not leave the branch. I think it was protecting its nest. I had never seen a hummingbird nest before. I love watching them.


  1. that is so cool, love your new blog look!

  2. Great photos ... please take more as the babies hatch etc. We had them nest just outside our front door. We would take to them as we went in and out. Was amazing to watch.

  3. so glad you made an exception to show these!! HOw pretty, I love hummingbirds, their nest is so neat! I agree, the new blog look is great :)