Monday, March 11, 2013

Clutch Bag & Journal

Wheee its been awhile for a post.  We've had a few changes in our life and had to take a few months off of work and now I'm ready to roll again.  When things happen you just have to get up and shake it off and move on.  Well it's time to move on.  Back to work which I really missed.  I have been doing some projects which I have to spend time doing or I get craft antsy.  I just haven't been posting them so I have several to add.  Thanks for the people that have encouraged me to get my stuff posted.  It makes me feel good and gets me back in the groove.

This Clutch Bag and Journal I made doing a class from Roben-Marie Smith.  
I have taken several of her classes and they never disappoint.  I thought this would be hard since I had to sew which was OK but needed to do a zipper.  But the technique that she uses made it very easy.  We started with plain duck cloth and painted, stamped, stenciled and used the Geliarts gel plate.  If you haven't tried the gel plate it's a must.  If you like this style of hers I recommend her classes.

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